Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row

Training Journal Show season has ended, with a whimper rather than a bang [Woe, Noshow]. That’s okay because what an Autumn season. Multiple horses! Multiple disciplines! One stretch of nine weekends in a row!! Aside. It’s not all about the shows. I know that. I really do. Shows are exciting diversions. This makes them interestingContinue reading “Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row”

Checking Out Arena Driven Dressage

View From The Back Seat   Driven dressage takes place in a 40×80 meter arena. Ridden dressage takes place in a 20×60 arena. Since there are many more ridden dressage shows than driven dressage opportunities, drivers have figured out a way to squish the former into the latter. Adjustments include starting in the ring toContinue reading “Checking Out Arena Driven Dressage”

Transportation, The Downside of Driving II

Driving Thursday   A while back a friend expressed interest in CDE driving; they expressed concern about all the equipment. I wanted to be encouraging, but they were right. Harness. Carts. And the vehicles to move said equipment. After the show [Report], we brought home two of the three carts Stepping Stone Farm had takenContinue reading “Transportation, The Downside of Driving II”

Looking Down One’s Snoot

View From The Back Seat   I intercepted this comment in an email from Milton. He was discussing his preference for the new two-wheel cart rather than the heavier four-wheel. ~~~ I’m a thoroughbred, you stupid fool. I’m designed to move fast, not pull heavy things. Want to go fast on marathon? That I’ll do.Continue reading “Looking Down One’s Snoot”

Scoring Serious Wife/Navigator Points

View From The Back Seat     655 miles 12H 45min We found a cart. In North Carolina. We tried to find a shipper. No luck. The easiest way was to get it ourselves. We considered stopping here. Staying there. Combining trips. No luck. The easiest way was to get in the truck and go.Continue reading “Scoring Serious Wife/Navigator Points”