Transportation, The Downside of Driving II

Driving Thursday


A while back a friend expressed interest in CDE driving; they expressed concern about all the equipment. I wanted to be encouraging, but they were right. Harness. Carts. And the vehicles to move said equipment.

After the show [Report], we brought home two of the three carts Stepping Stone Farm had taken to the show, which were two show carts for Academy Driving and the bike for the road pony. Coach Courtney often brings a jog cart for training (pictured below).

Neither of these are our personal carts. That’s right, carts, plural. We own four, in various stages of utility. They seem to multiply when one is not looking. This caused me reflect on the moving of carts over the years.

Heading to ProAm 2017 [Showing Without My Security Blanket II], image from my previous Instagram account [rodneyssaga] 4/4/17.

Not pictured, coming home from Kentucky [CAA] with a marathon cart in the bed of the truck (our future four-wheel cart, pictured below) & pulling a box trailer carrying Coach Kate’s fancy, antique, pleasure driving carriage [CAA Photos].

Picking up our second cart [New Equipment: Intro Cart].

Not pictured. Driving the long way to Memphis to pick up the cart we used. “Heading out. 1st stop Franklin to drop off carriage. Driving is an exercise in cart logistics.” [Show Tweets: Nashoba Carriage Classic 2017]

#3 [New Equipment: Carriage].

#4 [Scoring Serious Wife/Navigator Points].

Photo by Deb Kesecker

For Winter Tournament, we show in the jog cart [A Wordless Story].

For the record. 1) Ten carts are pictured/mentioned here, nine of which have been in/behind our truck. We have yet to haul the new road pony bike [Them]. Give it time. 2) Our first cart was the one Mathilda destroyed many years ago [Driving Miss M].

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