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Adventures in Saddle Seat


Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show
Saturday, October 12, 2019

104. Academy Showmanship WTC — Adult Amateur, 3rd of 4
105. Academy Equitation WTC — Adult Amateur, 2nd of 4
108. Academy WTC — Any Age Rider Championship, 6th of 12, 3rd highest placing adult.

After the drama of the driving class [Taking The Reins], I was so happy to get on Sam. It was the least nervous I’ve been about a horse show class in years. It was wonderful.

I give myself high marks for ringmanship [Virtue]. I had a plan. It wasn’t alway the best plan, but at least I was decisive. Part of the problem with traffic management is the lack of concrete answers. You have to weigh the variables on the fly. In one class, I came down from the trot in a timely fashion but ended up in an awkward spot for the canter. Fortunately, Sam will canter from anywhere. In the Championship class, I trotted to a good spot, but there were more people in the class than I am used to and I could tell I was taking too long even as I did it. Unfortunately there is no way to practice game-time decisions. You just have to keep playing the game.

I scored less well in remembering to equitate or to fire up the horse, which sound like separate tasks, but aren’t really. Sitting back would have made it easier for me to remind Sam to stay elevated. If Sam had been moving in his best possible frame, I would have had an easier time sitting fancy and gotten less argument about making zippy turns. It’s all tied together.

The winner of the adult classes also won the championship and has been nigh on unbeatable all year. I wasn’t getting the better of them, not with Mr. Anti-Sparkle. I heart Sam, but he doesn’t wow the judges. Or, I should say that the judges don’t see his inherent wowness. The adult rider who finished ahead of me in two of the three class is also from Stepping Stone Farm. So, yeah team! All of which is a long-winded way of saying, ya can’t win em all.

BTW, the green ribbon measures 41 inches from crown to tip.
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4 thoughts on “Putting The Show In Showmanship, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Riding

  1. aw i love that picture!! and even if the judges don’t see Sam’s inherent “wowness” (great word btw) he still sounds pretty darn wonderful to me 😉

  2. Saddle seat has been a great refuge, but yeah, it will always feel strange to me.

    Sam *is* wonderful. What can I say, I have a thing for curmudgeons. Previous Horse was a grouchy old man the day he was born.

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