Them There, Me Here, Screenshots From Louisville 2019

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Helmets spotted in the Hunter class! In a class of 20, the majority wore hunt caps, i.e. strapless helmets. I never got an exact count in all the milling. I estimate that 3-4 exhibitors wore a helmet with a harness. Hunt caps used to be all the rage in the hunter/jumper rings. I still have mine. Now hunter/jumperland has moved to helmets. After all, a head covering ain’t gonna do you any good if it falls off before you do.

I’m used to hearing Peter Doubleday as the voice of big jumper classes. It’s weird to hear him calling for the rack.

No action shots? I deliberately take screenshots after the class, during the line-up. I don’t want to risk messing up my phone and missing the rest of the class. As an example, see the bright red Live, the long date text, and miscellaneous command icons framing the last image? My phone puts on this overlay when it feels so inclined. An unknown combination of button pushing and holding my mouth just right gets rid of it. However, I didn’t dare experiment before the class.

Results, in case the text above is too small, Sunday through Tuesday
Reagan & Elton 0/20
Courtney & Buster 8/11
Sterling & Super Scandal (don’t know barn name) 3rd & 2nd
Jess & Buster 0/11. Ribbons to 8th, judges cards marked to 10th.
Reagan & Jimi 7/16

As one of the riders in the first Hunter Country Pleasure class at the World’s Championship Horse Show, Reagan is now part of Saddlebred history.

Sterling is showing out of her other barn for this. In the excitement of getting the SSF horses on the road, I forgot about her for the Go Team! post. Go Sterling!

All classes looked tough. Names I recognized were placing down in the order. Louisville is the big one. All the fancy Saddlebreds have this show on their dance card.

SSF ribbons as of Tuesday afternoon. On the purple ribbon you can see that each ribbon has the individual class printed on the streamer. Classy.

My reading of tea leaves for the championship classes.
Courtney is done
Reagan & Elton, Wednesday morning
Jess & Buster, Friday morning
Reagan & Jimi, Saturday morning
Sterling is entered for her pleasure class, also Saturday morning, but not equitation, according to HorseShowsOnline.
Good luck to all!

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World’s Championship Horse Show
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Results at HorseShowsOnline
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Heading up to Kentucky.

Reagan & Elton, Country Pleasure Hunter Championship, 0/20, 9th on the card. So close.
Jess & Buster, Jr Exhibitor Roadster Pony Championship, 0/11, 9th on the card. Ditto.
Sterling, Jr Exhibitor 3G Show Pleasure 13 & Under Championship, 6/17
Reagan & Jimi, Championship, 8/16. !! Mathematically, 7th in the split puts them 13th or 14th in the combined class, so 8th is a huge jump up.

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