Go Team! Louisville 2019!

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Stepping Stone Farm
World’s Championship Horse Show, Louisville, KY

For those following along at home.

Qualifying classes
Sunday Afternoon
Reagan & non-SSF horse
26. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure

Sunday Night

Courtney & Buster
42. Four-Year-Old Roadster Pony

Monday Morning
Jess & Buster
52. Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony – Driver 13 Years old & Under

Tuesday Morning
Reagan & Jimi
92. ASB Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure. Split will be class 98.

Championship classes
Wednesday Morning
Reagan & non-SSF horse
144. ASB Hunter Country Pleasure. Must have shown in 92.

Friday Morning
Jess & Buster
186. Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony – Driver 13 Years old & Under Championship. Must show in 52. If 52 is split, ribbon winners eligible.
Courtney & Buster
190 Junior Roadster Pony Championship. Must show in 42 (4yo) or 101 (3yo) to be eligible. Entries may be limited.

I don’t know the plan if they both qualify. A tough choice, but a nice problem to have.

Saturday Morning
Reagan & Jimi
218. ASB Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure. Must have received a ribbon 92 or 98 to qualify.

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Update. Correction after watching the livestream. “Show your pony!” appears to come from the fancy dress Hackney classes. Road Ponies get “Let ’em go!”

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