Synchro Peeing



No pics. You are welcome.

Rodney, The Bashful Bladder
I have to pee. I do so hate peeing in public. First thing I shall do when I get home is to locate a good spot.

They have opened the door of the big white box. Time to go home. Please make all due haste. My bladder is bubbling over. There, I’ve stood while being untied. I’ve have unloaded quietly. Now out of my way. Out of my way, I say. Okay, you take take the wraps off, but hurry.

Really, is this the time to bungle the halter removal? How hard is it to slide the top piece over my ears? How many times have we done this? Are you finished? Good. I’m gone. Nope, not here. Not here. Yes, here.

Legs out. Tail up. Ahaaaaaa.

Milton, The Tidy Bladder
Gotta pee. Hate peeing in my stall. What? They expect me to widdle all over the shavings and then stand in it? Gross.

Here they come. Finally. Open the door. Open the door. Outta my way. Dude, wait up. Wait up. I’ll join you. Good spot.

Legs out. Tail up. Ahaaaaaa.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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