Show Report: Driving at ProAm 2017, or Showing Without My Security Blanket II

Driving Thursday

Pro-Am Benefit Classic Horse Show of Georgia
April 5-8, 2017
Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
Perry, GA, USA

120 Academy Showmanship Driving, 1st of 2
121 Academy Reinsmanship Driving, 2nd of 2
Both classes with HB Whizbang (Snippy. Or Mr. Snippy, we think he may prefer a more formal mode of address. Or perhaps even Mr. Whizbang. But I digress.) Thank you to the Alvis family.

As we came into the first class, I thought Snippy was looking around. He was. He wanted to make sure everyone saw his mighty marvelousness. We had a nice extended trot but not the dirt-flying, power-skids-in-the-corner trot that I was looking for.

In the second class, the competition had a better round &/or we had a little less energy that led to a little more wiggle.

Good drives, but not bulletproof.

As Sam is my security blanket under saddle [Report I], so Alvin is with the cart [Show Report, Photo]. Pro-Am last year was some of the best driving I have done [Team Awesome]. The thought bubble over Alvin’s head is so easy to read. Mainly he’s checking to see how much the rider or driver can handle [Report: Second Class]. If he is convinced you are ready, then it’s Luke in the X-wing saying, “Hang on back there.” I have not yet found those dials with Mr. Whizbang.

And yes, I was concerned – say 10% – that stomping too hard on the gas pedal would stir up the misbehaviors of our last lesson [Lots]. So, I was fractionally defensive, but not as bad as in my riding classes. Who woulda thought that one day I’d have a better time driving than riding?

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Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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