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Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show
October 15, 2016
Celebration Arena
Priceville AL, USA

96. Academy Driving
Katherine & Alvin Ailey, 1st of 2
Greg & Callaway’s Sweet Daddy, 2nd of 2.

Thank you to the Wamble family and Courtney Huguley for their divine driving horses. (Alvin went on to win both 9-10 WT classes and the 10 & Under WT championship with his junior rider. What a star!)

What is it like to compete against one’s spouse?

One of the SSF entries was an adorable white pony named Miss Sugar Plum Fairy, barn name Sugar (Terry Young Photography, ACCHS, #53 & #91.) In warm-up, she made eyes at a fine looking pinto who was also waiting for the class.

Sugar, ridden by Reagan Upton, flirts with Fat Albert, ridden by Brett Neale. Photo by Courtney Huguley.

Sugar, ridden by Reagan Upton, flirts with Fat Albert, ridden by Brett Neale. Photo by Courtney Huguley.

She gave him the full treatment: ears up, eyes wide, neck arched. In the ring, she trotted as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Then, passing her erstwhile suitor, Sugar expressed her extreme displeasure at his existence. She gave him the full treatment: disappeared ears, mare glare, teeth bared.

It’s like that.

In warm-up, I offered what tips I had for driving saddle seat style. When the class was called, I was all lined up to storm in first. I had to stop for a tack adjustment. Once his tack was adjusted, Alvin was ready to GO. As a result, I ended up right behind Greg and Iggy. On the downside, it is silly to have a traffic jam with only two in the ring. On the upside, it gave me a target. When the extended trot came, I made sure to go fast enough that I passed Greg. Both ways. You want extended? I’ll give you extended. Alvin, being the consummate showman, was all in. Greg said he & Iggy felt hunted. Good. That was the plan.

Like I said, angry mare face.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Elizabeth said:

    This is hysterical- love it! And congrats on more awesome ribbons for the family trophy room!!

  2. At least the blue comes home with us, one way or another.

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