Show Tweets, NACHS 2016

A Horse Show in 83 Tweets. [Show Report, NACHS 2016] Sunday, October 23, 2016 — Rodney's Saga (@RodneysSaga) October 23, 2016 Wednesday, October 28, 2016 Hi Mom! Let the show tweets begin. — Rodney's Saga (@RodneysSaga) October 26, 2016 I have reached the stage of wishful packing. I hope I have everything. Onwards. #dontsuckContinue reading “Show Tweets, NACHS 2016”

Show Report, Alabama Charity Championship 2016, Driving

Alabama Charity Championship Horse Show October 15, 2016 Celebration Arena Priceville AL, USA 96. Academy Driving Katherine & Alvin Ailey, 1st of 2 Greg & Callaway’s Sweet Daddy, 2nd of 2. Thank you to the Wamble family and Courtney Huguley for their divine driving horses. (Alvin went on to win both 9-10 WT classes andContinue reading “Show Report, Alabama Charity Championship 2016, Driving”

Hello September

September has arrived. Finally! I hate August. Hate, hate, hate. Eight years ago, my father died suddenly at the end of August. So, that sucks. Obit Six years ago, Rodney arrived [Cast]. Two years ago, Milton arrived [Meet Milton]. Therefore, every August is a reminder that I have utterly failed to accomplish anything with them.Continue reading “Hello September”