Hello September

Allan Abbot Tuttle From Legacy.com
Allan Abbot Tuttle
From Legacy.com

September has arrived. Finally!

I hate August. Hate, hate, hate.

Eight years ago, my father died suddenly at the end of August. So, that sucks. Obit

Six years ago, Rodney arrived [Cast]. Two years ago, Milton arrived [Meet Milton]. Therefore, every August is a reminder that I have utterly failed to accomplish anything with them.

My father was never interested in my riding. I doubt he would have appreciated being lumped in with horse-related events. While he approved of writing and photography, I have no idea what he would have thought of the blog, or if he would have read it. But that is a psycho-social discussion for another day.

Good-bye August, and good riddance.


Dad posts on RS
Why I Drove a Beat-up Jeep to My Senior Prom
Cultural Commentary abbreviated version of the story
Spotted in Boston 5th photo

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5 thoughts on “Hello September

  1. I can certainly relate to disliking a month. For me, it’s May. That’s the month when my world fell apart, 12 years ago, including the death of my “dad” – my Granddad who was the only dad I knew until a few years ago when I finally met my real father. That’s another looong story. Other awful things have happened in May in various years since. I do love spring, it’s usually my favorite of year, but May… nope. Every year around mid-late April-ish, the slide starts and I’m usually in at least some sort of funk until June hits. It sucks, I guess I just wanted to say you’re not alone.

    1. No, you’re definitely not alone. For me, it’s April Fools Day. My Father died 1 April 2002 and my world stopped. I hate, hate, hate April Fools Day.

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