State of the Blog, Open Mike Invitation

Words Voice not heard? Need a platform? Borrow mine. Similar to my guest post invitation, with a side of outrage. [Guest Post Invitation & Rules] The riding world skews to young, thin, rich, white, neurotypical, female, and so on. I’m not young anymore. I’ve never been horse-world rich, but I’ve had enough resources to haveContinue reading “State of the Blog, Open Mike Invitation”

State Of The Blog: Shifting The Schedule

Words Blogging About Blogging   Awareness of the outside world. For your amusement, Kitty Letterer. ~~~ tldr: Content shift. Monday to Thursday – on brand. Friday – fitness. Saturday & Sunday – whatever random sh*t I want. Literally. That’s what I write on my calendar. What Was Old schedule from About page Monday – MoodContinue reading “State Of The Blog: Shifting The Schedule”

Rodney Makes His Weekly Cameo On His Own Blog

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     One of my first photos with my new phone was this ear shot for this post. I have my priorities. Progress Report Rodney and I can walk, trot, and canter at home with minimal flashes of anxiety on the part of horse orContinue reading “Rodney Makes His Weekly Cameo On His Own Blog”

We Are All In This Together

Lettering & Graphic Design   Update. The Disappearing Post. Short Version. Scheduled two by mistake. Removed one. Saved for later. Long version. Been a while since I’ve had a scheduling error. I guess I was due. Was having trouble with this design, see first attempt, below. Since it was getting late in the week, IContinue reading “We Are All In This Together”

Wither Wednesdays?

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.   Had a pondering post planned about how to continue Saddle Seat Wednesdays in the absence of saddle seat, including an extended riff on blog approach as metaphor for life, i.e. holding onto the past vs. living in the moment vs. diving into the future, and an analysisContinue reading “Wither Wednesdays?”