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Leading off with an awareness of the outside world segment.

CGMadeit: Why I can’t “just knit”, The story of a black knitter during civil unrest. “The color of my skin still makes folks pause. I still have to remind people that ‘We Knit Too!’ ” Imagine people looking startled whenever you walk into a room of strangers who share your interest. Even if the strangers turn out to be lovely, charming people, seeing that moment of puzzlement has to be exhausting.

The New York Times: When 511 Epidemiologists Expect to Fly, Hug and Do 18 Other Everyday Activities Again. By Margot Sanger-Katz, Claire Cain Miller and Quoctrung Bui. June 8, 2020. Usually behind a paywall. I believe virus articles are publicly accessible. What it says on the tin. When can we see a doctor, travel by airplane, hug a friend. Answers: This summer, 3-12 months, 1 yr+.


Blog post number 3,000 today. One dot for every post.

Back in the 7th grade, I acquired – bought? awarded? gifted by the book fairy? history does not record – a book called One Million. It had 200 pages with 5,000 dots each. I remember leafing through it and thinking, ‘Wow, a million is a lot.’ A facile thought, but that was the point of the book. To bring home the idea that a million is a lot. I’m fairly certain it was an earlier edition of this book, One Million by Hendrik Hertzberg (Abrams 2009).

That’s all I got. No deep thoughts. Just lots of dots, er, posts.

post #1 [Begin] December 22, 2011.

Post #1000 [I Made It!] October 14, 2014.

Post #2000 [Letter Art: MM] July 9, 2017.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “3000 Dots

  1. Congrats on 3000! That is quite the milestone I’m still 606 away from that particular one and I think it will take me another 2 years to get there haha

  2. That’s a great visual! Three thousand is a lot! Also, that’s what I liked so much about the NY Times post about the 100,000 COVID19 deaths… they did a little shadow figure for each person, highlighting 1000 names. It was a LOT of scrolling, which really put it in perspective.

  3. “I’m still 606 away …” Nearing 2400 is nothing to sneeze at. And yet, I keep hearing that blogging is dead. Guess no one told us.

    “… put it in perspective.” I’ve read that, as humans, we have trouble grasping big numbers. Even smallish numbers maybe more a matter of patterns and language.

    1. The sneezing comment has been gnawing at me. I meant it as jocular; I’m concerned that it come out condescending. What I should have said was, close to 2400 posts is awesome!

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