State of the Blog, Open Mike Invitation


Voice not heard?

Need a platform?

Borrow mine.

Similar to my guest post invitation, with a side of outrage. [Guest Post Invitation & Rules]

The riding world skews to young, thin, rich, white, neurotypical, female, and so on. I’m not young anymore. I’ve never been horse-world rich, but I’ve had enough resources to have horses in my life. So, yeah, I tick all the boxes. Much as I want to think of myself as a special pussycat, I’m bog standard.

I would like to share stories from people who may have had a different experience. Given recent events, one thinks first of Asian-Americans & BIPOC. Let us know the good, the bad, the weird. Offer open to all. Why can’t we keep boys interested in horses? I had a friend tell me he wished he’d stayed with it. In retrospect, being a het, 16-year-old boy surrounded by girls sounded good to him. I realize this is by far not the worst issue facing us. It is by way of example. The point is that the horse world is far vaster than commonly recognized. Time to celebrate that.

There is most definitely an editorial bias. If you are not on the side of the angels, go away. Find another soapbox.

Speaking of soapbox, this one is small and sitting in a quiet street corner of the Internet. I don’t offer any money nor can I promise heavy traffic. This would be for personal edification only. Still, you would have your thoughts parked in a public place.

If I don’t know you IRL, we’ll need to hash out the particulars. Not a big deal. I’m amenable to work with and am always interested in hearing other people’s stories. Let’s talk,

For guest post examples, use search box. Most guest posts are titled as such. For State of the Blog [Archive].

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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