Skirting the Swamp, Walk Report, DIY 5K, Kymulga Grist Mill

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Awareness of the outside world. IRS: Tax Day for individuals extended to May 17.

Weekly 5K [Virtual 2021]
Kymulga Grist Mill
3 March 2021
Distance – 5.2 km
Time – 1:20:28
Mileage [LEJOG, this date]
Admission charged. First one with admission? I can’t recall. Well, zoo but am a member.

From squishy to outright swamp. Come back in the dry. Forgot to take a photo of the vast wet until I had extricated myself from it.

Best walking was right next to the creek. Drainage?

Lots of walk to here, stop, turn around.

Another disc course. PDGA: Disc Golf Kymulga. An additional attraction rather than the main point. [Disc Stroll]

Repairs on the bridge. Reminds me of the new boards/new boat conundrum. If you replace all the boards, at what point do you have a new bridge?

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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