Virtual 2021, Digital Fun For Foot And Pedal

Fit To Ride, For The Record

Awareness of the outside world … no words … or maybe too many words …

The Theory, Revised
The plan was for fewer medals this year. They are fun, but how many medals does one need? Notice, I never say this about horse show ribbons. [Medley]

I had also decided to cut out the weekly 5Ks. Since September, I had been doing one 5k each week, whether or not a specific race was involved. When I’m walking the horses and walking myself, I can easily walk three kilometers in a day. What does the extra distance prove? That I can walk? I know that already. My fitness time would be better invested in flexibility or strength or aerobics. Improve things I am not good at instead of doing more of what comes easily to me.


I may have been ignoring psychological component. Those weekly walks were one of the few reasons I left the property. My inner nouvellevore needs to see new places and new people. I don’t interact with these people, but at least I see them.

So, I’m back to weekly walks. Also, medals. If the aim is for mental enrichment, the medals amuse me.

The Types
Mostly to help me keep them straight.

Bike -> ongoing virtual challenge. Australia’s Great Ocean Road at the moment. Then a second GOR with a different company for comparison. More virtual run companies are adding digital touring to their offerings, instead of simply sending a medal. [GOR]

Daily walks of self & horses -> ongoing virtual challenge. UK’s Land’s End to John O’Groats at the moment. Being done with a team. [LEJOG]

Weekly 5Ks, one day-one walk ->
1st option) specific races, e.g. Drum Run, BreyerFest
2nd) if nothing available, then mileage put toward a short-term ongoing virtual challenge, e.g. Year of the Ox, Fuji.
3rd) if neither available, then a long-term ongoing challenge, LEJOG if still going on.

Lurking in the background is my DIY virtual walk of the Mississippi Great River Road. Standing by to soak up any free mileage. [MS]

Complicated? Why not? If I am going to be living inside my own head, might as well have a varied landscape.

The 5Ks
I am doing local races and a few special ones. Turns out I have a broad definition of special.

For the moment, I am limiting my engagement to races that are virtual only. Running outside with non-bubble people is probably safe. Probably. Given the current state of the country, I prefer to support organizations that err on the side of caution. If they are holding an IRL race, I wish them the joy of it, without me or my money. That will change at some point. Not yet. This is how I chose to vote with my dollars. YMMV

January & February
Jan1 to Feb 28. Year of the Ox. 20.21 miles. This is a challenge race masquerading as a series of 5ks. I prefer races that are tied to a real place. I can convince myself that the effort is slightly less imaginary. However, I got distracted by a pretty medal. So, I signed up, then figure out how to deploy the mileage. 20 miles is 32.5K so I have 6 weeks of medal motivation for the price (and storage) of 1.

Drum Run. Signed up. To be done in the pasture due to wanting to play the soundtrack as loud as possible. [2020]

SF YMCA Chinatown? A second Year-of-the-Ox medal walk.

Mardi Gras?

Mercedes Marathon Super Hero 5k? Local, no details yet.

Atlanta Marathon 5k. On the Speedway at night. I would love to stomp around the racetrack. Violates my self-imposed no-IRL rule.

March – (?)
Fuji Challenge. No date specified. As above, mind changed by medal. Four was more than enough Conquer Challenges. Then this. The Fuji medal is soooo pretty. I don’t have a bucket list. If I did, Fuji would be on it. 46 miles/74 km, 15 weeks of 5ks.

Tokyo Marathon, Run as One? They are talking about having associated global, virtual races. No details yet. Would like to do a 5k associated with each of the six major marathons: Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. IRL would be a fun fantasy. Virtual for now.

Empire State Building Run-Up? Find a tall building around me?

Flying Pig. Signed up. How could I not? [2020] [Flying Pigs]

Walcott Day? Walcott, Iowa. Maybe they will have a virtual run?

BreyerFest. Will sign up when available. Will try for an equine theme this year. [2020]

DragonCon? Depending what they offer and what is going on in the world by then. [2020]

Baltimore Running Festival. Signed up. Was offered $15 off of a $25 race, and special shiny red 20th anniversary medal. [2020]

Fuji? Different from above. Virtual run in 2020, missed the deadline.

City of the Sun? Cahokia, IL.

Magic City. [2020]

What are you doing for exercise this year?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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