No Epiphany, Lots of Feasting, Blogger Gift Exchange, What Came In


I’m Not Late, It Is Still The Christmas Season

Awareness of the outside world. US Electoral College certification.

To: Virtual Brush Box
From: The blog soon-to-be-formerly-known-as The $900 ******** Pony

The ear bonnet craze is after my time. This one this looks tres fancy. I didn’t find a note, but I’m wondering if the Santa-izing was custom. The $900 Pony: Pom Club.

A photo shoot gone wrong. Milton looked tres chic with the red&white bonnet and red&white blinkers. Was not interested in showing them off.

As a word nerd aside, calling it the Pom Club eliminates the need to decide between between pompom and pompon.

Eats. Have you seen the subscription boxes with food from various places? I just got one from Texas. Food seems to be a theme chez $900. The $900 Pony: Christmas on the Farm

Treats. We have tried fancy treats before. Our guys are quantity over quality kinda horses. They even prefer smaller treats if it means they get a higher number of them. However, we have found the perfect use for these. Loading treats. They are big and chewy. By the time the horses are done with the treat, we have closed up the trailer around them. I’ve already bought a second bag.

Took one look at a grey horse and decide we needed bathing supplies.

Clean equipment for a clean horse.

Thus ends the gift exchange. Pardon the dirt. Were we supposed to be taking pictures of the other end. We are thinking about changing his show name to PigPen.

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No Epiphany, Lots of Feasting, Blogger Gift Exchange, What Came In
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The $900 Pony On The Blog

I am following updates on Presto, who is sadly a very sick foal, The $900 Pony: Say hello to Presto!!! As a result, I am wrapped up in the lives of two women I may never meet. [Portrait of Rodney].

Fortunately Presto has grown into a healthy, active 3-year old, The $900 Pony:Shenaniganry.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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