Art Friday: Portrait of Rodney


Artwork by Alyssa of Four Mares. No Money. When an unexpected vet bill zeroed out her horse show money, Well That is One Way to Start the Year, she offered to paint horse and pet portraits to build her fund back up. From an handful of links, she totally captured Rodney’s look. I suspect she is still taking commissions.

The framing was done by the brilliant Craig Zernik at Four Corners Gallery. While he was mostly working off the background colors, the resulting frame suits Rodney’s … um … range of emotions.

As I’ve said [Framed!], I have a slight framing addiction.

May I also say that as I write this, I am following updates on Presto, who is sadly a very sick foal, The $900 Facebook Pony: Say hello to Presto!!! As a result, I am wrapped up in the lives of two women I may never meet. The blogging world is both magnificent and weird.

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Katherine Walcott

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