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It’s Not Sheep I Count To Sleep


I have a framing addiction. It’s not my fault. Four Corners Gallery does such a nice job. Plus, this is a wonderful way to both enjoy and protect this lovely quilt panel. The background material has bits of bling mixed in. This gives the effect of “Hanging in the vastness of sparkly space.” to quote Craig Z., the guy who does my framing. Yeah, I have a guy. Like I said, addiction.

The backside of the frame is glass …

quilt back

… to display the information on the back of the panel.

quilt back inset

It’s Not Sheep on Rodney’s Saga
Gift Celebration
Text Art: Q is for Quilt

Guest Post by Quilt’s Creator
Deborah Rubin – Life is a Puzzle

Deborah’s Blog
Life, the Universe, and Everything: Adventures of a Curious Mind

Comments on: "Framed!" (7)

  1. I feel so honored! I’d like to print out this blog to put next to the pix of the quilt in my crafts album.

  2. MIlton back on the front page. You better behave!!!

  3. Craig the Framer said:

    Hey, I feel honored as well! You always provide me with unique items to challenge my creativity, keeps me on my toes! Thanks for the mention, Katherine!

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