Where The Time Went

The start of a beautiful friendship?
The start of a beautiful friendship?

This is a post for the future. When I look back over Milton’s long, successful competition career, I will wonder what took us so long to get started.

Short answer
I was in a mood. Milton was in a mood.

Longer, more specific answer
August 2014. Milton arrives [Meet Milton, Mail-Order Horse, Logistics: Shipping, Logistics: Costs, Welcome to Alabama]. We are thrilled [Festina Lente, Whither?]. Some of us are less thrilled than others [Introduction Day]. It all goes to shit. [Did I Piss Off the Universe and Not Notice?, So Be It, Wrestling With Head Demons, Milton Miscellany].

Fall – Winter 2014/2015. I wallow [New Equipment: Mounting Block]. I fuss [So What Am I Waiting For?]. Milton has trouble adjusting to Alabama [Yoke: Horse Update]. Milton does well in his groundwork [Plans & New Equipment: Schooling Bridles]. We start to wonder [So What Am I Going To Do?: Happy Horse]. I pursue false starts [New Equipment: Clickers, Grooming Bats]. I marinate [Milton Deconstructed].

April 2015. The food thing was real [Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Feed]. He improves; not enough, but some [Clean Cups!]. Took too long to notice [Hindsight]. Too busy blaming myself [Perseverance].

Spring 2015. Faltering steps of progress [Milton’s Miseries, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Current Work, Gold Stars All Around, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch: Summer Suffering].

July – August 2015. Whenever I go out of town [Hudson Valley Horses], I get sick. Spent most of summer in a malaise. Nothing serious, just enough to keep me from feeling perky. Never sure if it is physical or emotional. Pottled about with both horses [The Respect Dance, Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Or Not, Conversation]. Finally treated in September.

Sept – Oct 2015. Boot camp [Progress Report]. Everything got put on hold [Maintenance]. Fiddled with Milton’s food again.

Nov – Dec 2015. Recovering from boot camp & Nationals [Report]. Looking around at lack of progress [Whither Now?]. Kicking self [Home Team Update].

Dec 16. First nap [Naptime].

Dec – Jan 2016. Holidays. Cold. Rain. Everyone adjusting to new paradigm [SitRep]. Improvement! Why? I have theories; no explanation.

February 2016. Starting over. That’s a good thing.

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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. Pretty, complicated, a lot to learn. Yup. Me & the horse both. Also gray-haired, stubborn, over-sensitive, … but I digress.

    Pics! Yes! Soon!

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