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Milton Sun Aug 24 2014 1I freely admit that any problems with Milton are inside my head. He is just young and green. I have the skills to deal. This is good news and bad news. Nothing to fix with the horse. Plenty to fix with my head.

The BTE repost [Back To Square One] reminded me how hysterical Rodney’s behavior was back then. As bad as it was, we still a host of design features to discover: the duration of his ulcer [Update], the depth of his back scarring [Piling on the Therapy], his dislike of trotting in hand [Weekend], and his fear of leather halters [Life in the Slow Lane]. That much ongoing frustration leaves a mark.

In Rodney’s defense, he is a sweet, talented, and willing horse. This adds a hefty element of “if-only” to the frustration. But I digress.

Remember a few years back when Zoë Baird was up for Senate confirmation for US Attorney General? She had hired illegal aliens for childcare and had not paid Social Security taxes. She did not pass go. (We will overlook the more socially relevant fact that men had not been judged on their domestic finances.) The next candidate, Kimba Wood, had a situation that was superficially similar. However, “Wood had done so at a time when this was legal, and had paid Social Security taxes.” She too did not pass go. Mind you, she had broken no laws. Had she been nominated first, she would have gotten the job. Because her actions smelled even slightly like that of the previous nominee, everyone’s knickers got knotted.
Wiki: Nannygate

It’s like that.

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  1. I’m that way with escalators. Saw two scary situations on long down escalators. Now, up is OK. Otherwise, I take the elevator. Especially in the Atlanta airport.

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