So What Am I Waiting For?

It’s my party and I’ll wait if I want to.

Friendly concern has been expressed over my delay in getting back on Milton [Universe]. The longer I wait, the more a small problem in the real world grows into a large problem inside my head. I appreciate the sentiment. I even appreciate the threatened ass-whupping if I don’t get my act together soonest. A legitimate concern. In this case, not applicable:

a) Mt. Molehill is as big as it’s going to get. It hit maximum elevation as soon as Milton’s feet left the ground.

b) I fuss. I stew. I overthink. I am a festival of counter-productive behaviors. OTOH, the last time I bowed to what I felt as outside pressure to ride before I was ready, it went boom. So I’m doing it my way, overthinking and all.

So what am I going to do about it? Tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “So What Am I Waiting For?

  1. Ask Kathie about my hell-horse Catch some time. At least my next two horses were gems. Both physically and fiscally it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be able to ride again. Fall off, get on again. Unless you end up in the hospital, which I did a few times.

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