Did I Piss Off the Universe and Not Notice?

Readers may have noted a lack of Miltonicity in the recent posts. There’s a reason. I rode last weekend. It did not go well.

One …
Milton 8 31 14 mounting 1

Two …
Milton 8 31 14 mounting 2

Three …
Milton 8 31 14 mounting 3


Immediately after the third photo, Milton kicked the barrel, had a complete cow, and dumped me. I held on long enough to have a nice crashing fall as a result. I was able to try a bit of course correction, but he was having none of it.

My ever-patient groundperson blames the saddle. We are two for two on horses having passionate fits while wearing it [Square One]. Causation or coincidence? Although it served me well for years with Previous Horse, the saddle is older than the flood. It’s possible that something has gone wrong internally that is only evident when a rider’s weight is added. He points out that I did not see Milton galloping around the field trying to buck it off.

I, of course, blame myself and am threatening to take up Tiddlywinks.

Practical details:
I’m fine. Stiff for a few days but fine.
Helmet has been replaced. A required feature of today’s helmets.
Saddle has been permanently retired.

This was not how this was supposed to go.

Later note: as I post these photos, I see that a) I should have had shorter reins but b) this does not look like a horse a heartbeat away from flipping his pancakes.

13 thoughts on “Did I Piss Off the Universe and Not Notice?

    1. Camera man was standing away, at my request.
      I am of the opinion that Rodney’s back needs to be addressed before he will be a happy working horse. Incremental progress there.

  1. Poor baby! Trying a new saddle is a good idea. There are places you can test ride to see if the saddle fits. I had my saddle- which i still have – refitted professionally to fit Chief, just a few months before i had to stop riding….

  2. OK, my heart just sank a little bit. I suppose it could have been ANYTHING … like an underbelly horsefly/bug that Milton meant to shoo and kicked the barrel in the process. No, he doesn’t look like a bomb ready to go off, so you get my full sympathy for being caught unaware. But I’m not going to blow sunshine up your butt either. Please realize that four years ago this was me and my young “new” horse. She tossed me the first time I rode her at home, too. That, after a month of riding her at her home barn under her trainer’s watchful eye. Oh, and I had well over 40 years of experience under my belt. Was my confidence was shaken? You bet! (And my right knee trashed) I’ve since come to the conclusion that taking a young, hot-blooded horse completely out of their normal living/riding environment (meaning, relocating them to your back yard) means all bets are off for awhile. And when the rider is on the other side of 50 that means not taking any risks. None. No mounting from odd objects or on the off side. No lose reins. (Helper at the head, please!) No riding alone and using only the most dependable gear, etc, etc, etc. I dunno. If you’re having any serious doubts (and only you would know) then I’d say get thee (and thy horse) to a formal training facility and work with a pro for a couple of months. That’s not what I originally signed up for, but it did WONDERS for me and my horse and was money well spent. My only regret is that I waited (struggled) almost 3 years before going that route.

  3. Goodness, more or less the same thing happened to my daughter with her horse just a couple of weeks ago. Really knocked her confidence. In your case, the lead up photos certainly give you the impression of being pretty chilled. Perhaps he just scared himself having kicked the barrel, but, as you say, who knows. We’re also going down the teeth (tick), back (tick), chiro (booked), saddle (awaiting return call) to hope to come to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we’ve had daughter’s excellent instructor out to encourage her back in the saddle, although at the mo, she’s only walking him around. Good luck, hope everything gets sorted.

  4. Thanks to everyone for their concern and good wishes. All advice received with gratitude.

    No one is taking my Tiddlewinks threat seriously? Walks away humming tune by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose, “It’s too late to turn back now…”

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