Gold Stars All Around

Trailered over to Stepping Stone Farm. Longed in covered arena. Came home. Easy-peasy.

Has grasped the concept of couch. For those of you who don’t ride, couch is a complex maneuver wherein the rider and groundcrew converse while the horse impersonates a piece of living room furniture. For those of you who do ride, you know how quickly most horses pick up this idea. Rodney, not so much. I ask. He halts quietly for a few moments, then rolls forward like a car in neutral. Ask. Halt. Pause. Roll. Ask … Not fretting, but not sticking the landing either.

This weekend I could sense the little LED light go on: ‘They talk. I stand.’ Aha moment.

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  1. As someone said earlier, the most important training goes on between the ears. That evidently goes for the horses as well! Good work!

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