Boot Camp 2015, Third & Final Progress Report

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For the last two months, I have been devoting my time and energy to getting ready for the National Academy Championship Horse Show. I am fortunate. Most people are not free to drop everything in order to address a goal. So, whats it like?

Well, it’s not fun.

Fun is light-hearted. Fun is restorative. Fun is effortless.

The last two months have been awesome and challenging and educational and horrible and intense and amazing. I spend one day convinced I am indestructible. I spend the next day wondering why I bother with a lost cause. I have an epiphany and then don’t remember where I put it. The lessons change. The demons remain.

Win or lose, I learned a ton. Future riding will benefit.

Win or lose, I had the opportunity to give it my best shot.

Win or lose, I get to attend a horse show.

That sounds all lovely and reasonable, doesn’t it? Good. Because it is covering up my inner competitor who is hopping up and down, waving a fist, screaming, THE WIN IS MINE! SHOWER ME WITH BLUE RIBBONS! QUAIL IN FEAR AT THE AWESOMENESS OF MY TROT PASSES …


Finally, I would like to thank Courtney Huguley of Stepping Stone Farm for her enthusiastic support of this project. She has taken my goals seriously without letting me take myself too seriously. She has been a gift.


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  1. Good luck!!! I will miss seeing you at the show here in TN -we will be out of town :< I'll be thinking of you! All good wishes for every success…and a lot of blue!

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