Boot Camp 2015, Progress Report 2

Technical Marks 🙂
Artistic Marks 😦

After the last show, everyone agreed that I was getting the hang of intro saddle seat equitation. They also agreed that my presentation veers toward intense and scary rather than toward relaxed and pleasant. Therefore, we have been working on showmanship/artistic presentation/bull-shitting. Call it what you will.

I have been known to snow the occasional judge. Previous Horse was a short-strided monster who moved like a sewing machine. Yet, I once won a working hunter class over nicer horses. This was back when ersatz medium gaits were the fashion. I dropped the reins on this neck, kicked like hell, and lapped the bigger horses. Eat my dust.

I don’t know saddle seat well enough to jam on it. Instead, I have been learning to roll with what I have.

While two lessons a day does not compare to real work, it’s more than I am used to. I am less tired, but more mentally overwhelmed. When I get home, I am less inclined to dive face first into bed, more seized of an deep desire to be motionless and stare at a wall.

Will I win?
Of course. Last year I was Reserve National Champion at a new level. This year, I have had an addition year of showing at that level. I’ve won a happy number of my classes this season. I will have just finished a two-month boot camp. I have every reason to be confident.

Will I win?
Of course not. Last year, I was last in several classes. I am not slam-dunking the Adult classes. I assume I will be up against competitors who have been doing equally well in Adult classes in their regions. I can’t get the time of day in the more difficult mixed-age classes. I’ve been trying to Sit Back for three years. Why should I suddenly get it this month? I have every reason to be concerned.

8 lesson days + 2 shows + 13 days off = 23 days until we leave for Nationals


Oh yeah, TPTB Committee decided that I need more practice riding with other horses. Hence the Saturday group lesson in addition to Tuesday through Friday. Awesome!

Let the Tune-Up Begin
Boot Camp 2015, Progress Report 1

Gratuitous Giveaway

Do you listen to audio CDs? Want mine?

I accumulate them at an alarming rate. The resale market is pennies. The swapping service has started to charge, creating more work than I am willing to put in. I have Audible, but have not gotten phone to sync with car.

Authors include Randy Wayne White, Janet Evanovich, Robert B. Parker & at least one non-fiction book. No picking & choosing. Take one, take ’em all. I will make an effort to send complete sets. Limited to US or APO, due to cost of international postage.

First one to speak up in the comments takes the lot.

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