New Equipment: Grooming Bats

glitter bats

Okay Milton, wave that back foot at me one more time. Go on. I dare you.

I do not advocate fear, or pain, or abuse. I do advocate respect. Me for the horse. The horse for me. A horse needs to know that a misstep will receive swift retaliation from the herd leader. That would be me.

Brandishment may be all that is required. So far, whenever we have shown Milton a tool of motivation, be it crop or lungewhip, he has immediately climbed back on the high and noble path.

It is a symbol to myself as well. Milton is a horse with opinions. The only way to deal with a strong-willed horse is to be even stronger. I know this. I spent 20 years keeping Previous Horse’s monstrous ego in check. Lately, I have gotten out of the habit. You can confront Rodney with a doily made out of tissue paper. So, I shall grab my glitter bat and tell myself, to misquote Stuart Smalley,

I’m good enough.
I’m strong enough.
And dammit people like me …

… even if my horse doesn’t.

glitter bat close up

Source: Sparkle Glitter Jump Bat
by Intrepid International from Amazon

I tried to order through a tack store, but couldn’t find any this zippy and few this cheap. Mostly the zippy.

Why glitter? Why not? If it ain’t fun, why do it? Can’t you just see taking this on cross-country and watching the old guards’ heads explode? The jumping disciplines need to lighten up, add color, and put the “show” back in horse show. The saddle seat folks have that right.

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