The Stay-At-Home Horse

Horsekeeping   Considerations on proper horse distribution. Scenarios Scenario 1. Working Milton at home. If we leave Rodney out, he ignores us. If we put Rodney in the stall while Milton works at home, Rodney paces and frets. Scenario 2. Working Rodney at home. Milton gets put in the stall. If not, he will followContinue reading “The Stay-At-Home Horse”

Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star

Home Team Every time we ship Milton off the property, Rodney gets a gold star. Granted, we are easy to score gold stars from. We give hand them out like elementary school teachers with fistfuls of sticker sheets. Still, Rodney deserves his. As I said yesterday, the horses are cool with the three of usContinue reading “Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star”

Holiday: Rodney in Residence

What did Rodney do while Milton was gadding about the countryside [Milton on the Move]? He ate hay. This is huge. It’s huge because Rodney ate hay in the pasture, not in the stall. Until last weekend, we had been putting Rodney up while Milton was away. We didn’t want Rodney to spend the entireContinue reading “Holiday: Rodney in Residence”

The Downs & Ups

Down In the past, our horses never had reactions to shots. This year, both Rodney and Milton objected to their vaccinations. A few days of feeling punk. Heat and swelling at the injection sites. We opted for butt shots since Rodney’s neck was tender from being dekinked [Zap]. Drama Queen Milton felt his agony deeplyContinue reading “The Downs & Ups”

Daily Routine – Morning

What’s it like having horses at home? Carrot Check First thing, Greg goes up to the barn to feed carrots. He will do this even if he is leaving at dark-stupid hundred. Before he heads down the driveway, he wants to see both horses with two ears pointing up and four legs pointing down. WhenContinue reading “Daily Routine – Morning”

SitRep, Milton, January 2016

The boys continue to do nothing useful from the human point-of-view. From a horse perspective, their schedules are packed: taking mud baths, sleeping in the sun – when available, and eating huge amounts of hay. It’s winter. It’s a good time to do these things. In some ways Milton has not changed with the newContinue reading “SitRep, Milton, January 2016”