Shoeing at a Social Distance

Horsekeeping Lucky enough to have a horse.     Verdict So much for our theory on Milton getting kicked [An Alternate Explanation]. Turns out it was a classic abscess. He picked up something that gradually worked its way up and out. Farrier says better to have them in the heel than the toe. Not asContinue reading “Shoeing at a Social Distance”

Get A Free Helmet Poster

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     A digital poster displaying helmet facts and myths: the advisability of replacing a older helmet, the inadvisability of using a bicycle helmet, and so on. The above is a smaller, low resolution image to let you know this exists. For a full-scale, high-res,Continue reading “Get A Free Helmet Poster”

Gotta Hand It To Myself, That Was Stupid

For The Record Because I’m going to want to remember when this happened.     On the black diamond ski run … There was this runaway baby carriage … Looks down. Mumbles. I tripped over a curb. The curb was not flush with the ground on the high side. I failed to clear the slightContinue reading “Gotta Hand It To Myself, That Was Stupid”

Ulcer Meds For Lameness, aka My Horse Is Weird

Horsekeeping We cleared up Rodney’s lingering lameness with a dose of UlcerGard(R). Progression of symptoms and treatment: Tweaked right front [Woe Is I]. Three days of Bute. No major change. Cleared up. May have tweaked left front [Noshow Number Two]. No Bute. Abscess [ibid]. Abscess went away with soaking/wrapping [Treatment]. Kept up two nights. ThenContinue reading “Ulcer Meds For Lameness, aka My Horse Is Weird”