Looking Around, Where’s Waldo?

Horsekeeping   You may have noticed that the blog has been Milton-centric lately. Nothing nefarious. Rodney is fine. Rodney is out standing in his field. Rodney is taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to get over the world’s mildest lameness. Seriously, we once went to look at a sales horse who was more off than this. He was soldContinue reading “Looking Around, Where’s Waldo?”

Lingering Laments, A Heath Update

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts   Since y’all were kind enough to express concern about my health, I’ll let you know how it’s going. Mostly fine. Having trouble shaking off the last lingering effects of whatever was bothering me. I’d blame sloth but I have an occasional cough that hangs around like the smell ofContinue reading “Lingering Laments, A Heath Update”

Milton’s Missing Photos

Last winter, Milton has surgery for his bump. I finally got around to organizing the photos. Since I do not know everyone’s tolerance for gore, I have put them behind the jump, here, along with tweets & post links. The wound was superficial but messy. You have been warned. January 22 to May 12, 2018Continue reading “Milton’s Missing Photos”

A Tale of Two Tums

We are stuffing Rodney with ranitidine and Maalox-equivalents (cheaper). We tried stopping. Not so much luck. He’s back on, at least for the duration of the cold snap. [What’s Up] We are stuffing me with Zantac and Maalox (I prefer the taste). Zantac has joined hot showers and Tylenol in my arsenal of a moodContinue reading “A Tale of Two Tums”

Milton’s Medical Update

  Not much to report, which is excellent news. Last Friday, Milton went in to have a large, fist-sized melanoma cut off the inside of his upper right hind leg. Equine melanomas are not the dire diagnosis that they are in humans. It’s a bump. It got cut off. It will come back. On veterinaryContinue reading “Milton’s Medical Update”