Lingering Laments, A Heath Update

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Since y’all were kind enough to express concern about my health, I’ll let you know how it’s going.

Mostly fine. Having trouble shaking off the last lingering effects of whatever was bothering me. I’d blame sloth but I have an occasional cough that hangs around like the smell of ripe laundry, enough to convince me that it is not all in my head.

My first theory was digestive troubles. I was a symphony of gas pain after meals and gurgling noises and indigestion when I lay down. Whatever bug or bacteria I hosted had derailed my tum sufficiently that it was not processing correctly. Therefore, my food was not bio-available. Lovely theory, no? Too bad it had no bearing in reality.

1) I hadn’t dropped any weight, so clearly I was squeezing nutrition from what I ate.

2) A week of human UlcerGard had no effect.

Then, after the show weekend [Report, Options], I slept for two days. The next day, I rode 3 horses. The day after that, I slept most of the day. Then, I was busy two days in a row [Lesson, Sloss (pending)] and tried to keep going. Cue stomach troubles.

So, I’m tired. When I got my truck back [Wheels], I started riding, shipping to lessons, and swimming. It was too much. When I try to do too much, I get tired. When I’m tired, my digestive system lashes out.

Which is utterly ridiculous. Half of my rides are walks. I’m in the pool less time than it takes me to drive there [The Downside of Being Mobile]. None of this should wear me out.

However, my brain doesn’t get to make that decision. If my body says it’s tired, then it’s tired. So, I have I stopped swimming, temporarily. I still ride and ship, but accept that I need to rest. Well, I try to accept that I need to rest. And yes, ponder why I think of my brain as “I” and think of my body as a convenient vehicle to carry me around.

None of this is serious, just annoying. Been spending this dark, rainy week napping, writing blog posts, and running errands. With luck next week will be more festina, less lente.

Thank you for reading, and for your concern,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Lingering Laments, A Heath Update

  1. I agree-please see a Dr. Monday I f not this weekend if you are still tired- often the big symptom of afib- a heart rhythm problem that can lead to stroke- sometimes the only symptom- is unusual fatigue. Heart issues are so different in women and easily overlooked. Hope you feel better & it isn’t a heart issue!

  2. Also a symptom of Lyme disease. Hard to diagnose generally but easy to test for if suspected.

    I know you have a medic on staff but a few tests would be a good idea. You’ve ruled out diabetes?

    Thinking of you.

  3. Well, that backfired. I meant to be reassuring. I also thought it was interesting how symptoms can manifest.

    I’ve never found doctors to be much help. They want to give you a pill & get you out their office.

    There is an element of winter blues. If spring rolls around and I’m still dragging, will reconsider.

    Diabetes? Given my family history, I make sure they test for it every year. Good to go. Lyme disease does not as a persistent cough. Afib? That’s the field Greg works in. Of all things medical, that’s one he would be most knowledgeable about.

    Speaking of my in-house medical advisor, he thinks my problem is nerves run amok. We were supposed to be at a horse show the day this post was published. It was called on account of rain/mud. He thinks I felt better as soon as the show was canceled. I think it was because I pottered around for 3 days. We could both be right.

    I don’t want the answer to be that I am a hot mess. He’s the one who sees me every day. His opinion can’t be discounted. Hot mess is my term, not his.

    I appreciate the worry. Thank you. I’m fine. I had a bug. It took a while to shake. That’s it. Really.


    1. You just need to find the right doctor – other than the home-based one, LOL. The right doctor will check everythin and not prescribe what is not needed. If they do (pill-push) you need a different doctor. I, unfortunately, have a primary who is very good and several specialists. I wish I didn’t need them. I get a lot of blood work and meds adjusted accordingly. *sigh* I really envy healthy people.

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