Color & Shadow & Spotted

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Photography Workshop: Color and Shadow
Sloss Furnaces

Colors, Power House.

Shadow, Blowing Engine Building.

Spotted stands at the mouth of the iron notch, the pipe at the bottom of the No. 1 furnace out of which molten iron poured every 4 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, from 1929 to 1971, barring shut-downs every 5-7 years to replace the internal bricks that kept the furnace itself from melting. The previous furnace on this spot began running in 1882, (3-5 years for shutdowns). The iron notch is in the center of the furnace photo. The notch to the right was for slag.

Process Notes: Shadow photo cropped & furnace photo leveled, but no other post-production adjustments for color etc., mainly because I don’t know how. Need to get on that.

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