Color & Shadow & Spotted

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals   Photography Workshop: Color and Shadow Sloss Furnaces   Colors, Power House. Shadow, Blowing Engine Building. Spotted stands at the mouth of the iron notch, the pipe at the bottom of the No. 1 furnace out of which molten iron poured every 4 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeksContinue reading “Color & Shadow & Spotted”

Armchair Travel Opportunity, #literarydatesbookclub

Travel   Like my annual trips to New York? Want more? Boy, do I have a deal for you. Lauren at Literary Dates reads books set in New York, reviews them, and then goes on tours around the city to places mentioned in the book. All the fun of New York, without having to takeContinue reading “Armchair Travel Opportunity, #literarydatesbookclub”

Spotted at the Birmingham Mural

Photography   While I cop to being lazy about dragging out my big camera, I do have legitimate photo news. I signed up for another evening education photo class. Birmingham’s History in Plain Sight Taught by Meg McKinney Samford Academy of the Arts This is the same Meg who has guest posted and given meContinue reading “Spotted at the Birmingham Mural”

It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill

Art Photography I went to the Kymulga Grist Mill, Childersburg, AL, as the final outing for my photo class. I made sure to bring Spotted so I could squeeze in a blog post. Proving that everything is grist for the blogging mill. Spotted is standing in one of the turbines used at Kymulga. The millContinue reading “It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill”

Spotted Practicing Eclipse Safety

Glasses and map from Great American Eclipse. Props to Amazon and the USPS for getting the solar binoculars here on time, after faffing about. (Amazon, not the PO. Our local PO does good job.) Sneers to an unnamed astronomical equipment company for taking 8 days to let us know our order was out of stock.Continue reading “Spotted Practicing Eclipse Safety”

Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset

Sunset photography class at Oak Mountain State Park (class details). Props to instructor Meg McKinney [Meet Meg] for arranging a fabulous sunset for us to photograph.   Previous Oak Mountain Classes [Foto Friday: Bird at Oak Mountain State Park] [Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park]   Waka-Waka Thank you for reading, Katherine Walcott