Spotted at the Birmingham Mural



While I cop to being lazy about dragging out my big camera, I do have legitimate photo news. I signed up for another evening education photo class.

Birmingham’s History in Plain Sight
Taught by Meg McKinney
Samford Academy of the Arts

This is the same Meg who has guest posted and given me photo lessons [List of MM posts]. One reason I took the previous classes was to meet the prerequisites for Meg’s classes [Photo Class Without The Photos, It’s All Grist for the Mill, Spotted at Kymulga Grist Mill].

Yes, I will be taking Spotted along, in a blatant attempt to turn my homework into blog posts.

“Wells Fargo Community Murals celebrate the legacy of the communities we serve, highlighting the geography, industry, and cultural diversity that give each community its unique character and sense of place. From small towns to big cities, we have installed custom community murals in over 2,300 Wells Fargo locations nationwide.” Wells Fargo Community Mural Program

I found this 10 minutes into my search for a suitably historic photo op. Photography is all about learning how to look.

Update. Forgot to include the address. The bank is at 316 18th Street South. The mural runs along 4th Avenue South.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Glad you’re bringing Spotted along. I always enjoy seeing your photos. I just haven’t done anything with photography lately. My skills are going down the drain.

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