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Every year in late July or early August, I become obsesses with the Tevis Cup, i.e. the 100 Mile One Day Western States Trail Ride.

Watching The Tevis
Watching the Tevis, Take II

I follow the feeds and maps and standings. I wait to see who won and who was awarded the Haggin Cup. And then I forget about endurance for another year. Along the same lines as becoming a horse racing fan on the first Saturday in May.

This year, my Google searches served up

Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the world’s toughest 100 mile endurance ride
by Merri Melde
Available as en ebook only
Cover photo from author’s website

Published in 2016 about her surprise ride in the 2009 Tevis. Yeah, you read that right. As of the Monday before the ride, the author had no plans to ride in the Tevis. Ever.

The short book reads like a long blog post. Imagine you have a friend who rode in the Tevis. Afterwards, you send her an email that says, ‘Congratulations! What was it LIKE?’ This would be the response.

Yes, you have to pay for it, but not much. I can spend more than $3 at a snack stop, and the book lasts longer.


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