We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post

Welcome Meg! [Archives] ~~~ We – The Unicorns … Arrive Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney     A small herd of unicorns emerged from my mailbox, without prior notification, or tracking number, one day this spring. I don’t know how they got there; perhaps an admin from another universe shipped them.     SeeingContinue reading “We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post”

The Horse World Goes Virtual

The world is vast & weird & wonderful in parts.     Rolex, as was #LRK3DE Virtual Event Virtual version of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event April 23 – 26, 2020 Fan membership required, free promo code supplied Video teaser says 20+ years of content, TV programs, rider reflection, ride reviews, athlete features, winningContinue reading “The Horse World Goes Virtual”

Speaking of Shopping Sprees, My Latest Breyer Purchases

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Visuals   Books aren’t the only thing I overbuy [MEPSA Annual 2018]. I’m amassing a small but useless line of plastic animals. Persian Cat, House Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siamese Cat Because I need more cats in my life? Because I’m going to make cute vignettes a la Desktop Stables (thisContinue reading “Speaking of Shopping Sprees, My Latest Breyer Purchases”

Why Do We Buy Things We Don’t Need? MEPSA Annual 2018

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts Why do people shop? Why do we buy clothes we don’t wear, books we don’t read, food we don’t eat? Is it wishful thinking? Will this be the time I read The Economist cover to cover, or at all? Is it the act of shopping itself? The act of buying?Continue reading “Why Do We Buy Things We Don’t Need? MEPSA Annual 2018”

Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday

  Captain Nutcracker by Breyer. From Carousel Tack Shoppe, cleverly displayed next to the check-out counter. Process Notes Taken with phone. Brought big camera to barn. Planned to hang ornament. This set-up caught my eye, after Milton checked the ornament for treats, but failed to do so photogenically. Not enough hands to do with bigContinue reading “Low Key Photo Challenge, Holiday”

Spotted on the Vulcan Trail

Photography   First homework assignment for my History in Plain Sight photo class taught by Meg McKinney at Samford University’s evening class [Spotted at the Birmingham Mural, Meg on the Blog]. The Vulcan Trail is converted from a old railroad line. Birmingham Rails: Walking Where Ore Trains Ran TrailLink: Vulcan Trail All Trails: Vulcan TrailContinue reading “Spotted on the Vulcan Trail”