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Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset

Sunset photography class at Oak Mountain State Park (class details). Props to instructor Meg McKinney [Meet Meg] for arranging a fabulous sunset for us to photograph.


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[Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park]



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Foto Friday: Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park

My photo teacher [Meet Meg] is leading classes in nature photography at Oak Mountain State Park (details). The first class was about photographing water.

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Foto Friday: MEPSA Photo Showers Annual 2016

MEPSA 2106 book


No progress since I bought the 2015 edition [New Book]. I need to stop buying books & start doing. Story of my life.

The group: Model Equine Photo Showers Association
The book: 2016 MEPSA Championship Results

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Foto Friday: Roadside Spotted

Spotted supervised my photo practice [Daily 10].

roadside Spotted

We stopped at a roadside pull-over …

roadside 1

… for scenic rock outcroppings.

roadside 2

When one doesn’t get out much, one has to make do for photo ops.

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Shopping Bonanza

My local Tractor Supply was out of Milton feed, necessitating a drive across town. On the upside, the new store had massive Breyer sale. Small in number, but large in discount. Models that originally cost $40 were 1/2 off. Models that cost $60 were $12. Awesome. I’m not the type of person who usually scores this kind of deal.

Bryer TB QH

One of my back burner projects is model horse photo showing [New Book]. Now I have a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse, both cantering, for realistic action scenes & Fire for fantasy dioramas [My First Model].

Breyer website: Frankel
Breyer website: Harley D Zip

Bryer PK

I don’t know what to do with one of these, much less two. OTOH, at 80% off, how could I not?

Breyer website: Peppermint Kiss
The originally scheduled post for Saddle Seat Wednesday has been delayed in transit.

Spotted On Christmas

Spotted Christmas


Too much rain; not enough daylight. The boys were unable to model their Christmas hats. Instead, Spotted & Mr. Spot wish you


if you celebrate.


if you don’t.


Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan

Imagine this as an extensive series of photos featuring Dr. Hooves [Latest Additions] visiting all the places I saw in New York City earlier this month. Now imagine me spending too much time running around the city with my friends to actually take the required pictures.

NYC 2015 MLM

Doctor Hooves outside The Morgan Library & Museum. One of the exhibits was Graphic Passion: Matisse and the Book Arts. Guess why I went. (Exhibition catalog if above link is dead.) Short version. Matisse was an illustrator. His book Jazz was the apogee of this. I had no idea.

NYC 2015 MLM sign

In case you were wondering, Manehattan in the FiM Wiki.
Since this seems to be a thing, the view from my hotel window:

NYC 2015 hotel window border