In Which I Consider Adults Playing With Toys

Writing   Breyer models, LEGO sets, My Little Pony knickknacks. I certainly have no trouble admitting to childlike enthusiasms. Some adults have trouble admitting, or get grief when they do. I’ve read about model horse aficionados who don’t tell their co-workers about the live show they attended over the weekend. MLP bronies get a rawContinue reading “In Which I Consider Adults Playing With Toys”

Low Key Photo Challenge: Toys

Photography Theme: Toys Illumination Breyer model #1799 “Nokota was introduced in 2007. The mold name refers to a feral and semi-feral breed of horse native to the North Dakota badlands. It was sculpted by Kathleen Moody and is Breyer mold #1279.” Identify Your Breyer: Nokota Progress Notes Big camera! On manual! Pressed many buttons! TookContinue reading “Low Key Photo Challenge: Toys”

Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place

Spotted working the crowd while the home team idles. ~~~ I finally got my horse to Madison Square Garden.   Bucket List – Accomplished I am grateful for having … Ridden at the National Horse Show … I’m not bitter about the fact that I rode in the National the first year it moved fromContinue reading “Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place”

Spotted in NYC 2017

Spotted filling the gap while horses – and people – get back to work after Milton’s surgery. ~~~~ I’ve been wanting to see these murals in person ever since I saw them online [T-Shirts for the Barn]. NYC Subway – Artwork: Alice: The Way Out (Liliana Porter) Finding NYC – Subway Station Art: 50th StreetContinue reading “Spotted in NYC 2017”

Foto Friday: Spotted at Sunset

Sunset photography class at Oak Mountain State Park (class details). Props to instructor Meg McKinney [Meet Meg] for arranging a fabulous sunset for us to photograph.   Previous Oak Mountain Classes [Foto Friday: Bird at Oak Mountain State Park] [Spotted at Oak Mountain State Park]   Waka-Waka Thank you for reading, Katherine Walcott