In Which I Consider Adults Playing With Toys

Writing   Breyer models, LEGO sets, My Little Pony knickknacks. I certainly have no trouble admitting to childlike enthusiasms. Some adults have trouble admitting, or get grief when they do. I’ve read about model horse aficionados who don’t tell their co-workers about the live show they attended over the weekend. MLP bronies get a rawContinue reading “In Which I Consider Adults Playing With Toys”

Arbitrary Decisions

Massive life-changing decisions? No problem. Which college? I’ll apply to a random handful & pick the one with the best name that is farthest away. Uproot my life and follow this dude? Cool. Expensive, but mid-level and ultimately arbitrary decisions? An eternity of debate. Buying a saddle? Is this brand better than that brand? New?Continue reading “Arbitrary Decisions”

Foto Friday: Horses of Brickfair 2017

Top & center: MOCs (my own creations) by others. Not much equine this year. Subjects wax and wane. This year, less castle, rural, horse-appropriate; more military & Star Wars. Bottom: Models added to my herd. Shopping at brick-specialist vendors is an important part of BrickFair. Previous Posts Foto Friday: Horses of BrickFair (2016) Horses atContinue reading “Foto Friday: Horses of Brickfair 2017”

My Elevator Speech

Rodney’s Saga is a personal experience blog about horseback riding and taking care of horses. I expand that to include guest posts, things I have published, and LEGO builds. (hands flyer with blog address) When someone asks about my blog I usually draw a blank, blurt out “Horses” or “My horses,” and then watch theirContinue reading “My Elevator Speech”