Anxiety Dreams, A Sure Sign That Show Season Has Started

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts   Why can’t dreams be happy, pleasant, bunny-filled romps in fields of clover? Dreamscape. Checking scores/test sheet after an Intro A ride. I was second out of 2. Wasn’t terribly upset, so must have been a decent ride. One of the scores on the sheet is a 3. For aContinue reading “Anxiety Dreams, A Sure Sign That Show Season Has Started”

The Old Grey Mare

Recently, someone asked if my meltdown with saddle seat riding [Sine Die, Pondering] might be related to menopause. I know one reader has had this issue (waves hi), wherein doubt takes over from certainty. A legitimate question. I’m gonna say no. I’ve always been a weenie about riding. Some days, with some horses, when theContinue reading “The Old Grey Mare”

Arbitrary Decisions

Massive life-changing decisions? No problem. Which college? I’ll apply to a random handful & pick the one with the best name that is farthest away. Uproot my life and follow this dude? Cool. Expensive, but mid-level and ultimately arbitrary decisions? An eternity of debate. Buying a saddle? Is this brand better than that brand? New?Continue reading “Arbitrary Decisions”