Equine Logo, KLLM

Celebrating Art     KLLM. Horse logo for a non-horse company. Photo taken Dec 2019, Inverness AL, USA. If you check the brake lights, you will see that I waited for a stoplight. Previous Roadway Attractions [Equine Logo: Norfolk Southern] [You Know You Have Fallen Down The Lettering Rabbit Hole When …] Thank you forContinue reading “Equine Logo, KLLM”

The Downside of Being Mobile

You would think that I would be thrilled to be vehicularized once more [Wheels]. I am. However, it is dawning on me that life is not all beer and skittles. Errands Honey, would you get hay tomorrow morning? Oh, wait. That’s right. I can get hay. Any time. And unload it. All by myself. IContinue reading “The Downside of Being Mobile”

Which Way Should I Go? Trailering Poll

On the trip to Stepping Stone Farm there are two turns I hate. Deal with or avoid? Overall, the trip is easy. It is less than 20 miles on low-traveled, country back roads. There is one stoplight. The first turn I hate is at a T-intersection on the way to the barn. Traffic from theContinue reading “Which Way Should I Go? Trailering Poll”

Transportation Issues

Driving Thursday The goal is to get horse and carriage on the same load [Milton’s Show Schedule, Driving]. We have two options. Horse in Bumper-Pull, Carriage in Truck Bed We buy a cheap – relatively – bumper pull, leaving the bed of the truck free for the carriage.   PRO Less Expense. CON Less EaseContinue reading “Transportation Issues”

Foto Friday: Interstate Images

Lesson: Switching from binocular vision to a two-dimensional photo changes clouds from dramatic to mildly interesting. This is what happens when one spends most of the daylight hours on a Saturday driving around the state of Tennessee. Taken from the passenger seat. Process notes: Dragged out the big camera. Yay! Could not get it toContinue reading “Foto Friday: Interstate Images”