Arbitrary Decisions

Massive life-changing decisions? No problem.

Which college? I’ll apply to a random handful & pick the one with the best name that is farthest away.

Uproot my life and follow this dude? Cool.

Expensive, but mid-level and ultimately arbitrary decisions? An eternity of debate.

Buying a saddle?

Is this brand better than that brand? New? Used? Now? Later? Never?

I wish questions had one (1) clear and correct answer. How do I pick a path among a cloud of possible options, most of which would probably work out just fine?

If Nationals hadn’t been looming [Report], I’d probably still be pondering.

Buying a truck? First post to mention a new truck was in October of 2012 [Weekend Plans]. Truck was bought in February of 2017 [Chariot, Mirrors].


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

The all-important choice of the right keychain.
The all-important choice of the right keychain.

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