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Milton’s Chariot

First Day

First Day


What We Bought & Why
Ford – Good experience with previous truck. I like the sightlines in the Ford.

F250 – We could tow with a F150, but we would be topping out the range.

Gas – As a dedicated towing vehicle, diesel. Since I will be sashaying about, gas.

Extended Cab – Didn’t want to drag around the weight. Don’t need the seating. In 3+ years, we’ve had a human in the backseat of the Fiat [Stocking] once, for 10 minutes.

2WD – Excess weight. Previous truck was 2WD. Never felt the lack of 4WD.

XLT – Spent way too long trying to get dealers to explain the difference between the XL with add-ons and the XTL package.

White – Extended cabs are work trucks. Work trucks come in white. We would’ve had to order to get color. Didn’t feel strongly enough about it.

New – Used trucks were not a bargain. A truck with 2/3 of a useful life would be 2/3 the price. Or high-mileage. Or deluxe diesel crew cabs.

No Hitch – Ford no longer has this as an option. (?!?) Since it will be after-market anyway, we are having done ourselves rather than pay the dealer to arrange.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Comments on: "Milton’s Chariot" (7)

  1. Woot woot!!! Congratulations. Nice to have that done with. Enjoy.

  2. Yay! And because fashion comes before function, just remember white goes with any color trailer. 😉

  3. Congratulations! …and it’s about time!

  4. Yay, Congrats!!!!!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Pretty truck.

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