Between The Rear-View Mirrors

My version of a between-the-ears photo.

First Drive

First Drive

What We Need A Truck For
Buying hay. Although Greg can fit an astounding number of bales in and on a VW Jetta.

Second vehicle. Jetta is going back to VW. Greg gets Fiat. I drive truck.

Dump. It’s per load, so better to have big loads. Also, keeps trash out of passenger car.

Gravel. Fencing posts. Sheets of plywood. All those miscellaneous truck tasks that spring up when you have the space.

Evacuating. Which I fervently hope never to require.

and, drumroll …

Shipping. Milton to SSF for cowboy remediation. Milton to SSF for first hitch. Milton to driving lessons, clinics, shows. Rodney to the AEC? Someday? Maybe?

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Note: There several “truck” posts that refer to horse shopping.

This has been the plan all along: one fancy show horse for me & a husband horse that could double as my second horse, not as talented but fun. A sports car & a truck if you will. [Truck Shopping] 2012

Starting mileage

Starting mileage

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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