Creative Hay Stacking

When I picked up a few bales last week, the front of the truck bed was still damp, so I asked the loading dude to keep everything towards the back. He was right. Nothing fell out.

A hay dealer once loaded 50 bales on this truck (’89 F250 longbed). What is your record?

One thought on “Creative Hay Stacking

  1. 50 was my record with my old truck, too. New truck (and I use that appellation extremely loosely, given that it is now 12 years old and I’ve had it since 2005) has the “sport” truck bed, which is far less accommodating. Can do 20 if I’m stacking, 30 or so if a pro does it and we tie it down. Kinda sucks, but the truck had everything else I wanted on it, so ….

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