Surprise Attack

Mathilda (horse) has taken an aversion to Lady (dog). Before, she had left the dog hassling to Previous Horse, who had a zero-tolerance dog policy. Now, Mathilda has taken up PH’s mission of keeping the field clear of dogs. Therefore, while Mathilda has been unsteady in her back end, Lady has been confined to herContinue reading “Surprise Attack”

Somebody Else’s Problem. Worthy Cause II

The Equine Land Conservation Resource won the 2012 American Horse Publications‘s Equine Industry Vision Award, presented last weekend at a breakfast hosted by Pfizer Animal Health [more payback]. Equine Land Conservation Resource “is an educational and networking resource for horsemen and communities. Since all land is saved locally, we provide the information horsemen need toContinue reading “Somebody Else’s Problem. Worthy Cause II”