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Want a book, or two, or six?

Over the last few weeks, I have accumulated a growing stack of books that were read at the barn during Mathilda’s rehab. Usually, I trade books through Paperback Swap but these are too abused. Covers folded back to hold with one hand. Bite marks where Rodney took an interest in what I was reading. Set down on the muddy aisle floor. Rained on. Questionable stains, although none of the books were knowingly dropped in anything vile. Overall, functional but not suitable for muggles. Imagine a older car with a strong drive train but rusted out fenders. Runs but no trade-in value.

I’m too lazy to list all of the titles & authors here. Some non-fiction of the info-junkie variety, think History of X. Much science fiction/fantasy of the light and engaging type, think Simon Green rather than Octavia Butler. If you feel like taking pot luck, LMK & I’ll send you a handful.

If you don’t want – after that rousing introduction, why would you? – can you help me think of anywhere that might be interested in them? I hate to throw books away but neither do I want the recipient to feel as if I’m passing on my trash. If I lived near the Appalachian Trail, I’d leave them in shelters for hikers to find. They’d look pretty tidy in that setting. If they were those imaginary cars, they’d make great farm trucks.

Any ideas?

Beware the Lurker in the food dish

4 thoughts on “Barn Books

  1. I will always take sci fi/fantasy 🙂 And I have friends that won’t care what shape they are in either that I can pass on to/share. If you want to pot luck those, cool. No so into the nonfiction. And it certainly will not be trash to me! Books are the best, enjoyed and worn or brand new 🙂

  2. Dibs on the light mystery books. In our family, we call them “potato chips”. My previous supplier died and I’m just about through with her last batch. My knitting group would be so grateful for a new supply. I’ll pay the shipping.

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