Surprise Attack

Mathilda (horse) has taken an aversion to Lady (dog). Before, she had left the dog hassling to Previous Horse, who had a zero-tolerance dog policy. Now, Mathilda has taken up PH’s mission of keeping the field clear of dogs. Therefore, while Mathilda has been unsteady in her back end, Lady has been confined to her 1/2-acre dog purgatory in the front yard. She is not pleased. Vocally. This morning, Lady proved that she has been improving her door-opening skills & joined us for the pre-breakfast graze.

Lady bounced about, happy to be free. Mathilda vacuumed up the grass. I juggled leadrope and tea mug. Suddenly, Mathilda pinned her ears and went after the dog in a lunging, hopping maneuver that involved a moment with all four of her feet off the ground. I yelled. Horse and dog froze. It was hard to tell which of the three of us was more startled.

Years ago, Hubby & I were driving around Hunstville, AL, in our old VW Jetta. Suddenly, a set of railroad tracks came out of nowhere. We were going a wee bit faster than the engineers had in mind when planning the road crown. Inspired by being in Rocket City, Hubby launched the car over the tracks. All four wheels off the ground. We were airborne long enough for me to think, ‘Okay, this is weird!’ This morning was like that. Both car and mare were/are big, heavy, black things that you don’t expect to see off the ground.

If I could trust her, I would be thrilled to take this as a sign of improved health. Unfortunately, recent history [Life Lessons] has show that Mathilda is listening to the hormones & pain-killers swirling through her brain, rather than the cautionary messages coming from her back legs.

What was the most recent (pleasantly) surprising thing your horse has done?

One thought on “Surprise Attack

  1. HA! I love the image of the car leaping the tracks … as for the Divine Miss M, well, she’s a horse. Fighting off the wolves is a fairly normal response. I certainly admire her spunk, although for your sake wish she would find a way to live in peace with the other inhabitants of Chez Rodney.

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