Hoof Meet Bucket

Imagine me sitting here, listening to the earworm: There’s a hoof in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hoof in the bucket, dear Liza, a hoof. & wishing I was creative enough to come up with words to the rest of the verses. ____________________________ Gratuitous Kitten Picture (Good taste prevented me dragging outContinue reading “Hoof Meet Bucket”

Surprise Attack

Mathilda (horse) has taken an aversion to Lady (dog). Before, she had left the dog hassling to Previous Horse, who had a zero-tolerance dog policy. Now, Mathilda has taken up PH’s mission of keeping the field clear of dogs. Therefore, while Mathilda has been unsteady in her back end, Lady has been confined to herContinue reading “Surprise Attack”

Welcome Home

Yesterday, I got back from a five-day work-slash-vacation trip [AHP 0,1,2]. The reactions were varied: I know Hubby missed me because I know how much miss him. Nothing cutesy about it. Our farm routine is optimized for two people. Therefore when one of us goes away, the other has signed up for several long days.Continue reading “Welcome Home”

Retail Therapy

Work: PM1 groom & walk, 3 short loops with off-side leading for variety & the dog for distraction/PM2 groom. Report: An easy day as a break from having to concentrate (him) & having to be patient (me). Given that, he was pushier than required. Pass but no star. The dog’s temporary barn reinstatement is herebyContinue reading “Retail Therapy”