Hoof Meet Bucket

Imagine me sitting here, listening to the earworm: There’s a hoof in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. There’s a hoof in the bucket, dear Liza, a hoof. & wishing I was creative enough to come up with words to the rest of the verses. ____________________________ Gratuitous Kitten Picture (Good taste prevented me dragging outContinue reading “Hoof Meet Bucket”

Horse Hunt Progress Report #4

Went to look at a horse today. Yeah me! Actually, yeah us. There was miscommunication about getting access to the barn & Hubby persevered while I was busy descending into a snit. Horse turned out to be a cribber. No one likes this habit, but I am extra leery as Rodney shows signs of proto-cribbing.Continue reading “Horse Hunt Progress Report #4”

Foto Friday: Gratuitous Kittycake

3 Reasons why I am having a hard time dragging myself to the barn or getting any work done these days. Rhyme, Reason*, and their unnamed sibling came to live with us last weekend. Hubby returned from the grocery store, placed the phone in my hand, put a phone number from the public bulletin boardContinue reading “Foto Friday: Gratuitous Kittycake”

Welcome Home

Yesterday, I got back from a five-day work-slash-vacation trip [AHP 0,1,2]. The reactions were varied: I know Hubby missed me because I know how much miss him. Nothing cutesy about it. Our farm routine is optimized for two people. Therefore when one of us goes away, the other has signed up for several long days.Continue reading “Welcome Home”