Spinning Wheels

Snapshot of the inside of my head: I haven’t organized a saddleseat lesson. I can’t find a horse to go look at, much less buy. I haven’t followed through on my mysterious initiative with Rodney. (We won’t even discuss my writing career, exercise plan, housekeeping regimen, or so on.) I am a horrible person. IContinue reading “Spinning Wheels”

Foto Friday: A Tell-Tale?

Red Saddlepad for Dressage: Anna Kasprzak riding Donnperignon. The freestyle maKes me wish I had rhythm. Or rode dressage. Question for musical types. I had it in my head – perhaps from figure skating commentary? – that one should not perform to a song with lyrics since the voice was already interpreting the music. No?Continue reading “Foto Friday: A Tell-Tale?”

Horsekeeping Tip #1

A quick drizzle of hoof oil prior to hosing protects the hoof wall from the wet/dry rollercoaster. What is your favorite horsekeeping tip? Red Saddlepad The show jumping competition is messing with my head. Determining the Red Saddlepad is even more confusing today. As before, there was a cut-off. Highest penalties for Round 3: JoseContinue reading “Horsekeeping Tip #1”