Foto Friday: A Tell-Tale?

During the summer, Mathilda’s ears are lined with Swat.

Red Saddlepad
for Dressage: Anna Kasprzak riding Donnperignon.

The freestyle maKes me wish I had rhythm. Or rode dressage. Question for musical types. I had it in my head – perhaps from figure skating commentary? – that one should not perform to a song with lyrics since the voice was already interpreting the music. No? Also, what’s with the prevalence of English lyrics?

Horses are not done. Don’t forget Modern Pentathlon’s riding phase over the weekend. My grooming claim to fame is braiding a horse for the Olympics, in Modern Pen.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday: A Tell-Tale?

  1. notice how some of the dressage riders – not eventers, just dressage – are wearing helments? now, if dog shows would have someone as brave a to show a dog without cropped ears and docked tails. if i jump off a bridge, are you going to follow me? maybe, i don’t know. but it would be incredibly stupid. lead when you can, stay out of the way when you can’t, and don’t follow tradition – make your own.

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